The 3rd International Conference on Education, Language and Inter-cultural Communication (ELIC 2023)

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of papers:
Sep. 13, 2023
Notification of Acceptance / Rejection:
Sep. 20, 2023
Sep. 26-27, 2023

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Call for Papers

The topics in ELIC 2023 include but are not confined to the following areas:

1. Education

(01)Higher education

(02)Language education

(03)Educational management

(04)Educational technology

(05)Art education

(06)Music Education

(07)Innovative research in the field of pedagogy

(08)Special education

(09)Occupation education

2. Language

(01)The knowledge base of  language teacher education

(02)Effective teaching methodologies in language and literature classrooms

(03)Grammars, syntax, semantics and discourse

(04)Text analysis, understanding, summarization and generation

(05)Linguistic, psychological and mathematical models of language

(06)Spoken language processing, understanding, generation and translation

(07)Language, identity and culture

(08)Language and the new media

(09)Language and ICT

(10)Progress in human language technologies      

3. Culture and Intercultural Communication:

(01)Language and cross-cultural communication

(02)Intercultural communication competence

(03)New media and globalization

(04)Communication failures

(05)Translation and cross-cultural studies

(06)Localization and globalization

(07)Journalism and investigative reporting

(08)Media responsibility and ethics